About Me

Theo DeHart

I am a designer with degrees in graphic design and photography. I have 7 years of experience working as a graphic designer and have developed excellent print design skills. I am well versed in HTML, CSS, and I have dabbled in PHP. I have extensive experience designing brochures, business cards, magazines, and websites.




Senior Designer | Green Acres Design and Advertising | 2011-Present
Print Design and Production, Web Design, Project Management, Logo Design

Art Director | Dotphotozine | 2011-Present
Development, Webmaster, Magazine and Web Design

Designer | Surin International Folklore Festival | 2010
Magazine Design and Development

Designer | Public Affairs, California State University, San Bernardino | 2008-2011
Print Design and Production, Logo Design

Surin, Thailand, International Fashion/Folklore Festival Magazine | 2009
Design/development, Photography


BA Graphic Design. California State University San Bernardino.
BA Studio Art with emphasis in photography. California State University San Bernardino.


Angela Gillespie, Graphic Designer, California State University, San Bernardino managed Theo at California State University, San Bernardino

“I worked with Theo in the Office of Public Affairs at Cal State San Bernardino from June 2008 through June 2011. Our office conceives, designs and produces the marketing materials for the university. Theo was selected as a graphic design intern because of his strong design portfolio and software skills. We particularly look for students who create conceptual solutions and have working Adobe InDesign knowledge for our internships and student design positions. Theo was a valuable asset to our team. After his internship, we hired him on as a student graphic design assistant and he was later promoted to a full time position to solve a temporary staffing shortage while he was a student at Cal State San Bernardino.

While working in our office, Theo designed inventive design packages, including brochures, flyers, e-invites, banners, and logos, for a wide variety of departments at the university. Theo quickly showed his ability to create fresh and original designs within the constraints of our visual identity program for the university. It was nice to see his creativity come through while still complying with our design standards.

After doing an exceptional job of redesigning the primary marketing booklet for the university student requirement efforts in 2009, we asked Theo to develop a template from that design to be used for other departments. I was impressed with his technical skills inside InDesign working with style sheets and streamlining the template for future use. Theo picked up on job production quickly and understood the importance of setting up a job correctly from the start of the job.

Theo was able to design effective solutions for a wide variety of projects. Another job that stands out for creativity and design aptitude is a music cd packaging project. His was able to showcase his design problem solving skills and design an exceptional piece that was used as a gift to potential donors to the university.

Theo worked well in our team environment. He was particularly good about integrating feedback from clients and art directors into his designs. He worked independently to meet his deadlines and communicated on projects effectively. He also contributed to our social media efforts by contributing his knowledge of various social media channels to our brainstorming and strategy meetings. I highly recommend Theo as a designer. He is very talented and passionate about design.”

Sid Robinson, APR, Associate Vice President, Public Affairs, California State University, San Bernardino managed Theo indirectly at California State University, San Bernardino

“Theo worked as a student assistant graphic designer in the Office of Public Affairs at Cal State San Bernardino. Essentially, he was a regular staff member, and the excellent quality of his work reflected not only his talents, but his commitment to the university and our office. Theo is a very creative artist with a firm grasp on technology and what it takes to work in a team environment. He would be an asset for any organization looking for a quality graphic designer.”

Thomas McGovernProfessor, Cal State San Bernardino managed Theo at Dotphotozine

“Theodore DeHart is an outstanding Designer, Photographer and Artist. He is the Design Director of Dotphotozine and dotphotozine.com, a magazine and website that he helped me start. He is very intelligent and a wonderfully creative designer and photographer. He is easy to work with, professional and a creative problem solver. Excellent team player, too.”